Welcome to Seattle Early Learning Center

Our mission is to make learning meaningful, support children’s growth and skill development in a safe, well‐organized and material‐rich environment, provide warm and responsive interactions. Our engaging environment is thoughtfully and carefully designed to support active participation, engagement that affects learning, promote independence, positive behavior, foster children’s excitement about learning and enable them to reach developmental goals.

Alki Branch:  2634 Alki Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116

(Ages served: 12 months - 6 years)

Admiral Branch 1:  2207 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116

(Ages served: 4 weeks - 6 years)

Admiral Branch 2:  2310 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116

(Ages served: 4 weeks - 9 years)

Schedule a Zoom Tour! 


To schedule a Zoom tour, please send us email with the following information: 

  • Full Name of the child;

  • DOB; 

  • Preferred start date; 

  • Preferred location; 

  • Contact information.