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        Our Program 

    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 
                                                                      Benjamin Franklin

Preschool years are important for the development of many skills used later in life.  Children build on their earlier experiences t
learn even more complex ways of communicating, relating, exploring and understanding the world around them.  Seattle Early Learning Center is dedicated to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum, knowledgeable and well-trained program staff services that support children health, nutrition and social well-being. 
Teachers focus on each individual child in our loving, stimulating and safe environment, that promotes motivation, excitement and foster internal desire to learn. 

                                                                                                Our Curriculum

Our Comprehensive Curriculum is built around activities that enhance growth in main areas that are essential for school and long-term success:

Social and Emotional Development.  Each child in the classroom is encouraged to establish and maintain positive relationships and interactions with adults and peers, engage in cooperative play with children, use basic problem-solving skills, express a broad range of emotions and recognize these emotions in self and others, recognize self as a unique individual having own abilities, characteristics, emotions and interests.

Language and Literacy.  Children are encouraged to attend to communicate, identify letters of alphabet and to produce correct sounds associated with letters, engage in a variety of writing activities and begin to convey meaning through their increasingly sophisticated marks, learn nursery rhymes, poems, songs and children's literature. 

 Spanish language as a second language (optional).  We believe that supporting languages helps to promote better working memory, enhanced executive function, self- regulation, ability to switch easily from task to task, persist in a challenging task, use logic and thinking skills. 

Approaches to learning focuses on how children learn.  It refers to the skills and behaviors that children use to engage in learning.  Teachers help children acquire knowledge, learn new skills, set and achieve goals.  They learn to successfully navigate learning experiences that are challenging, frustrating or simply take time to accomplish.

Cognition.  We support children in learning numbers, recognizing the numbers of objects, understanding simple patterns, identifying, describing, comparing, composing shapes, measurement, participating in scientific talk, making prediction, brainstorm ideas, analyzing results and drawing conclusions. 

Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development.  We help children control strength, coordination of large and small muscles, participate in group games, promote personal hygiene, self-care skills, develop knowledge skills that help promote nutritious food choices and eating habits. 

Heading 1

  We provide opportunities to impart stimulating and fundamental learning experiences 

for all children and prepare them to be school ready!

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